New Reborn of the Phoenix

Ding! For the few people who saw their RSS feed getting update for this site, here’s the big update announced last year.

Previously, on…

Short reminder: last year was my arrival in Canada, more precisely in Quebec City. Well, with all the stuff do like find an apartment, get my stuff from France, by new furniture, etc, led me to January… where I was staffed on another mission than initially. I was assigned on Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth as an Environment Artist. Like every project, I was head down to September, where I was… staffed back on the first mission (do you follow?). In short, full of complicated situations while I was hoping for a bit rest. And this isn’t going stop…

I’m using a short lull since November to update the website and the blog like I said last year:

- So, a HUGE part of the website was redone. Galleries are now only feed with final renders. The Work in Progress of the future project will be show here in the blog.
- Images are wider (1000*1000 pixels max instead of 640*480) and my Youtube is more exposed.
- Huge cleaning of the galleries since everything older than 2 years were deleted.
- I won’t post any screenshot of a video game I worked on if I have nothing interesting to show. IE: If I made the environment, I will display them. If this is more a technical work like I did on Just Dance, I won’t show anything.
- In several days, a web page with my CV will come, with a list of all the game I worked on.
- All the old news were deleted, and so the comments, in order to make a full break with the old blog.
-Le Bermuda Bleu” (old name of this blog) is dead: more serious, and no more Web comic. The blog was originally create for it, but since I never really found en ought time to do it, I prefer focus on 3D (and even finding some time to work on it is tough).
- The blog is now multilingual (well at least French/English).
- In addition of Marvel Avenger: Battle for Earth, I could have a little fun with Source Filmmaker from Valve, and made a remake of a trailer of Mass Effect 2.
- There is still some few bug here and there. They will be fixed eventually, and so the appearance of the blog.

I hope I will have enough time to work on my next project (which is luckily already underway),
Stay Tuned.

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